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Well, today's the day that I have to go and interview for my own job! Should be quite interesting. I do horrible in interview type settings, almost an out of body experience. Hopefully by noon it'll all be over and behind me.

Both daughters are currently arguing over a hair dryer, OMG it's only 6:30 in the morning.

I just love this weather, keeping my fingers crossed that it stays and we don't get any more snow.

All I can Say

Is that I've had enough of the puking/diarhea (sp?) fest that went on all last night. Sure that I'll be next since youngest daughter was in my bed all night. Oh well...


Well, its been a while since I last updated. All things are going great. We out to eat at Japenese Steak House today with my friends from work for lunch. It was delicious, but I'm totally miserable right now.

Update for the New Year

Well it's been quite a while. Christmas has come and gone, with everyone in the family enjoying the holidays. It just seems like yesterday that it was Christmas 1999 and panic was going through the world about what could/would happen when we rolled into 2000.

Both DDs are back in school and things are settling back into a routine. Basketball season is here and youngest daughter is busy all the time between practices and games. I really like basketball though, we have a great group of girls and parents. The thing I like most is that they have "fun" rather than what I've seen in non-school teams where I've been apauled (sp?) at the cut throat mentality. I'm just grateful that our school is not one of these teams.

We got a new puppy the beginning of December, he was so small when we got him, two pounds and seven weeks. Things are going good he's now up to a whole 7.5 pounds! We ended up naming him Cosmo (for those of you w/kids, the "Fairly Odd Parents"), after going through several names before finally setting on Cosmo. He is the most lovable puppy, getting into the usual puppy business. Our other dog Izzi has been wonderful with him, they are totally best buds and play, sleep, get in trouble together. I think that Izzi was really lonely and is enjoying being the nanny.

The weather I think has finally, hopefully decided that it is indeed winter after the past month or so of not deciding.

Well gotta go.

The After Turkey days

Had a wonderful turkey day, ate till we couldn't eat anymore. I made the turkey and my youngest daughter did the rest (potatoes, brussel sprouts, gravy and salad. It's always amazing to me that she just has naturally picked up cooking and likes it so much. On the other hand my oldest daughter is satisfied with microwaving mac-n-cheese and other micro things. She may have to eat her her sister's when she grows up (which by the way is going to quick, next year she'll be 15, which I cannot even believe).

Worked Friday, it went fine since only about five of us were there and the phones were totally dead. Got alot caught up without all the interruptions.

Last night ate China Dynasty, leftover pie and then crashed on the couch. Today I have a eye dr appt to get my eyes checked, it is really wierd that after you turn 40 your eyes just go to hell in a handbasket.

Well off will write later.

A new beginning

This is the first post to my new journal. I was previously Bluquilts but for some reason that journal has disappeared totally.

This journal is going to be for posting my thoughts, opinions, and everyday musings.

Well, now that I got that out of the way. Today is totally a wierd weather day, raining one moment and sunny the next. At least it's not freezing and just rain. This week has been really crazy, getting me home after 8:00 each night. Bookfair started at daughters' school last weekend and runs through this weekend. It's been going preatty well, eventhough volunteers didn't seem to come out of the woodwork to man the fair. Luckily, both daughters are old enough now to help.

Basketball season at school is once again upon us. Younger daughter loves this time of year and it's her favorite sport. Games don't start till December though, so right now we've just got two practices a week and after the season starts the games will be on the weekend. I really appreciate the time and effort that her coach puts into this. It's always nice when there is a parent that really wants to be involved with what they're doing. He's been their coach for the past two years and has really done a great job w/the team.

I cannot believe that it's almost Christmas, really I cannot believe that next week is Thanksgiving already. I've really got to start getting organized for the holidays now instead of waiting till the last minute.

The Glenn Beck special last night really was scary on the status of Iran.. should have taped it since I fell asleep before it was over.



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